Host a Party


Hosting is easy but requires some prep—Here's what to do:

  1. Plan a party

    • Pick a date before Nov 6 (voting day, duh)

    • Find some friends. Registered voters are the best friends. Diversity of opinions is good.

    • Send an invitation (email, Facepage, Evite, whatevs)

    • Get some Food & Drink (or potluck it to make it even easier!)

  2. Coordinate the research

    • 2-3 weeks before your party, divide the Propositions between your guests. Here's the list of State Props.

    • Send everyone here to get started researching.

    • Don't fret if you don't have enough people to cover all the props—just tackle the ones you can!

  3. Be a gracious host

    • Make everyone feel welcome. Compliment their attire, pour them a drink, show them where the bathroom is.

    • Provide everyone with this handy Proposition Scorecard.

    • Before beginning, Proclaim the Rules:

      • Be nice. It’s a party!

      • Stay focused—this is about the Props, not the candidates or their parties.

      • Keep it moving—set a timer for presentations and any discussion. 10 minutes for each of the 11 Props = almost 2 hours.

    • Have fun! Use #propparty to share your experience with the universe!



Happy to oblige! Just need a little info*

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*We won’t share your personal info on this site (or anywhere!)— only your party’s Date, Time, Neighborhood and City. If someone contacts us about attending your party, we’ll forward their info to you so you can contact them directly. Don’t leave them hanging!