Election Day IS NOV 6, 2018



Q. What's this all about?

A. Proposition A, F and Z? Measure 92 and Initiative 9? Do I vote Yes or No? Which one was the marijuana one again? Who can keep track of all this?

Direct democracy is great, but only if your vote is informed. Otherwise, you're at the mercy of sinister special interest propaganda machines. But who has time to research all these pesky Propositions?

Enter The Proposition Party—a great way to educate your vote on complicated ballot initiatives while having fun and making the world a better place.

Each party guest comes prepared to summarize the pros and cons of one Proposition for the rest of the group. Notes are noted, discussion is discussed, drinks are drunk and good vibes are promoted. Best of all, votes are educated!


Q. What are Ballot Initiatives and Propositions?

A. Most laws in the US are voted on by elected representatives. But California is cray cray so we let the general public vote directly on a bunch of proposed laws that anyone can put on the ballot! Learn more here


Q. What if I'm not registered to vote in California?

A. Well, you best get registered here—the deadline is Oct 22!

Q. Can I attend a stranger’s party? Is that weird?

A. Know what’s weird? Direct Democracy that’s what. But seriously, it’ll only be weird if you make it weird—don't do that! Contact us via this page and we'll help you find a welcoming Proposition Party.


Q. What about the candidates?

A. Prop Parties aren't about the candidates—they are about educating California voters on a really important part of the ballot that often gets overlooked amidst the candidate drama. You're on your own with the candidates. Good luck!

Q. Whose idea was this anyway?

A. Proposition Parties are brought to you by some friends who met here, and want to make the world a better place. Questions? Contact us at, or hit us up on twitter @propparty