Proposition Party

Research Resources

Greetings Prop Partier!

Your goal is to provide your fellow Partiers with a fair and balanced summary of the pros and cons of your Proposition.

    Your assignment is to answer these questions:
  1. What is actually being proposed?
    The language can be dense and confusing. Expect to spend time deciphering what is really being said.
  2. Who's got money in the game?
    Arguments for and against can both be convincing. Follow the money! Discovering which people and organizations are invested in the outcome can be very enlightening.
  3. What will a Yes or No vote mean?
    Get a clear picture of how this Prop will impact your State, your County, your City, and your life.

For your convenience, we've collected a few resources below. This list is by no means comprehensive—so get your Sherlock cap on and start researching!