Proposition Party

Host a Prop Party

Hosting a Prop Party is easy but requires some preparation. Here's how it works:

+ Pick a date before Nov 8 (voting day, duh)
+ Find some friends. Registered voters are the best friends. Diversity of opinions is good.
+ Send an invitation (email, twitter, Evite, whatevs)
+ Get some Food & Drink (or potluck it to make it even easier!)

+ Divide the Propositions between your guests. Here's the list of Props. Don't have enough people to cover all the props? Don't fret—just tackle the ones you can!
+ Each person researches their proposition. For their convenience, we've compiled some resources here.

+ Provide everyone with these handy Proposition Scorecards
+ Proclaim the Rules:
+ Be nice.
+ Stay focused—this is about the Props, not the candidates or their parties.

+ Each person gets 10 minutes to present their findings & 5 minutes for follow-up discussion from the group (these are suggested times—adjust as you see fit!):
+ Have fun!

+ You’ve made the world a better place by helping educate voters—with minimum stress and maximum fun!
+ Use #propparty to share your experience!