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a Proposition Party

Gather your friends, educate yourselves on the ballot initiatives this election. It's non-political, it's fun, and you'll be a better voter.

Find a Party Host Your Own FAQs

Here's how it works


Find some friends

You can throw your own proposition party with friends, or join one that somebody else is hosting.


Research one proposition

Divide up the propositions so that they're all covered, and research one. What's it about? Who supports it? Follow the money.


Share your findings

Bring your findings to the Proposition Party, and discuss. It's a civil, convivial environment that will help inform your vote.

What’s a Prop Party?

It's a party with a purpose, and you should totally do it!

Proposition A, F and Z? Measure 92 and Initiative 9? Do I vote Yes or No? Which one was the marijuana one again? Who can keep track of all this?

California ballot propositions are direct democracy in action. Direct democracy is great, but only if your vote is informed. Otherwise, you're at the mercy of special interest propaganda machines. But who has time to research all these Propositions? Enter The Proposition Party.

The Proposition Party is a great way to educate your vote on complicated ballot initiatives while having fun and building community.

Each party guest comes prepared to summarize the pros and cons of one Proposition for the rest of the group.

Notes are noted, discussion is discussed, drinks are drunk and good vibes are promoted. Best of all, votes are educated!

Find a Party Host Your Own

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Party Planning Resources

Ready to host your own? We've put together some resources for you.

Here's some basic tips about hosting your own Proposition Party

Here's a List of Propositions on this year's ballot.

Here's a few resources to kickstart your research

Take notes during the party on this Printable Scorecard (PDF)

OK, but I've got questions.

That's cool; this is about educating your vote for the ballot initiatives in a way that's fun and social.

Sure! you can download everything you need here.

It'll only be weird if you make it weird—don't do that! Contact us and we'll help you find a welcoming Proposition Party.

Well then get registered here — deadline is Oct 24!

Most laws in the US are voted on by elected representatives. Propositions are proposed laws in California that are voted on by the general public! Learn more at

Prop Parties aren't about the candidates—they are about educating California voters on a really important part of the ballot that often gets overlooked amidst the candidate drama. You're on your own with the candidates. Good luck!